#becauseyou NHS Mural




Say thank you to your COVID-19 hero and support your NHS Trust


We’re absolutely over the moon to embark on a new project with NHS Trusts around the UK (soon to be globally) to both raise money for them and to create a landmark, legacy mural to commemorate the COVID-19 pandemic.


Our #becauseyou campaign will be a vehicle for you to say thank you to those who really made a difference for you during lockdown, or to give you a platform to reflect on your experience, alongside offering support to your local NHS Trust’s charity by submitting an image to go on our legacy mural.


We know people have experienced a range of situations and emotions since the outbreak. The mural is a monumental installation that will provide the NHS, local community, and key workers with a place to visit and reflect, pay tribute, say thank you and remember those sadly lost.


You can submit an image for your local NHS Trust on our website and upload the image you’d like to be a part of history. Whether it’s an image of a person (your COVID-19 hero) who you want to show appreciation to or if it’s your way of remembering a lost loved one, maybe you want to capture a memory in time which epitomises your experience during lockdown a furry friend who got you through the tough times or the views you saw along your daily exercise route, the mural will act as a memory board which you can visit and reflect on for years to come.


As well as raising funds for NHS charities, your image will be printed on to ceramic tiles and installed in your trust’s hospital of choice.


The project is supported by the #becauseyou hashtag and we’re encouraging you to share the story behind your images with the hashtag to help raise awareness of the project and build a mural of memories on social media.


The #becauseyou mural will be made up from 1000s of tiles featuring your images, printed onto ceramic tiles and kiln fired for a permanent design so that these memories will last a lifetime and be seen by generations to come.


We want to support any NHS Trust that wants to join us and be a part of this incredible community installation, and fundraising effort for charity. If your trust isn’t involved, why not encourage them to find out more about the project?


Director’s comments:


Our Director Mark Wood said: “We wanted to create a legacy memorial from our time in the COVID-19 pandemic, while supporting NHS charities by generating much-needed funds.


“The mural is for people to remember loved ones, thank a COVID-19 hero whether it’s a nurse who’s looked after your loved one, a neighbour who has helped with your shopping, or a family member who’s provided much needed company. It could also capture a memory from the pandemic such as a landscape or person, whatever you choose to send in, the mural will provide a canvas for those wanting to reflect on their time during the pandemic.


“I have a very specific memory that I will be contributing to the #becauseyou mural. At the beginning of lockdown, I took my dog for a walk and I couldn’t hear a sound other than the birds. It was beautiful but eerie. I know that I can contribute this image, and in years to come I will be able to visit the mural and remember my dog who was a great companion throughout the lockdown period.”


Hospitals confirmed to take part to date are Royal Stoke University Hospital, West Middlesex University Hospital and Pinderfields Hospital. Stay up to date with the latest details by checking on our website or following our social media channels.


To upload your image and take part visit https://www.dccustomtiles.com/shop/ and select your chosen NHS Trust.