DCCT create bespoke tiles for observation platform in Vancouver

DCCT create bespoke tiles for observation platform in Vancouver

Digital Ceramics Custom Tiles has partnered with Three Dimensional Services Inc. (3DS) which is based in Canada to create a bespoke floor mural, encompassing a map of the Greater Vancouver area.

The project was installed on the viewing platform at Sapperton Pump Station in New Westminster and it gives visitors a view on how water is used and moved around the city.

The mural combined 40x40cm digitally printed porcelain tiles and the nature of the intricate map meant that each tile was completely different.

DCCT’s innovative printing methods and quality control process meant that the final floor mural was faultless. It’s now a permanent feature which is part of a larger regeneration project.

Due to the outdoor environment and unpredictable Canadian weather, the tiles required an anti-slip coating which would ensure the safety of onlookers.

Rizwaan Abbas, the Project Coordinator at Three Dimensional Services Inc. gave a fantastic review on the finished project: “Thank you for the amazing tiles for our map project! You should be really proud of how they came out, they look awesome!

“I’ve been on site a few times and the tiles are a big hit as people search through them, looking for their homes.”

The map included points of interest that could be seen from the observation platform, bringing a fascinating element to the attraction.

As part of its bordering area’s expansion, the pump station underwent a colossal renovation with the addition of green spaces. This has since encouraged the growing community to visit and provided opportunities for picnicking, fishing and nature viewing.

Alisa Miller, President of Tile Mural Creative, our arts sister company, looked after the project in Canada and said: “The mural looks stunning, and we were very happy to be a part of this project. Hearing that visitors are fascinated with the design and spend time looking for their houses is great.”

3DS is respected for its team’s collaborative and solution-seeking approach to creating beautiful, dynamic spaces and we’re very much looking forward to working with them again in the future.

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