Regenerate your town!

We partner with you to create innovative design solutions.

We can help to regenerate your local town and generate engagement and involvement within your community! 

We’ve gained great feedback from Council members after working on a project to renovate one of Cannock’s underpasses. There was a total of 1.5metres of artwork, new lighting and tarmac installed, which completely reinvigorated the underpass. Once work was complete, it was monitored for 12 months which showed that footfall increased by an amazing 25%.

Everything we produce is custom made to order from 1m2 to large production all of which is kiln fired for a permanent, scratch resistant, UV stable, anti-graffiti and weatherproof solution. 

Our promise to you:

  • Achieve impactful results whatever the budget 
  • Increase footfall to your town 
  • Bring artwork and stories to life 
  • Transform community spaces 
  • Provide an innovative approach

Talk to us today and find out how we can transform a project of any scale into an exciting visual experience. 

Or download our Regeneration Pack to gain further insight into what we do!

Regeneration pack

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