Regenerating towns with custom tile designs

Transforming town centres with custom porcelain tile printing.

We can help to regenerate your town centre to increase footfall, improve the aesthetic of your local areas and transform your community!

Our work supporting the revitalisation of underpass areas is going a long way towards helping level up towns around the UK. We have gained great feedback from Council members after working on a project to renovate one of Cannock town’s underpasses. There was 3m x 30m of tiled artwork on both sides of the underpass, new lighting and tarmac installed, which reinvigorated the underpass. Once the work was complete, it was monitored for 12 months, which showed that footfall increased by an amazing 25%.

National town regeneration projects

We have also been part of regeneration schemes in Newcastle-under-Lyme and Dewsbury which saw local authorities reach out to us for tile printing for underpasses. Our high-quality printing technology helped Dewsbury-based artist, Saba Rafit, to transform the Yorkshire town’s underpass system. On a larger scale, which included seven underpasses, our Newcastle-under-Lyme project has once again done that, improving the streetscape, and helping to make it safer for shoppers to walk into town.

Our outdoor tile printing solution helps to clean up graffiti in town centres as well as improve wear and tear, underpinning the revitilisation of community spaces.

All our tile printing is custom made to order — this means we can print on tiles from 1m squared to large scale production projects. The porcelain tiles are kiln fired to make sure that they remain permanently scratch resistant, UV stable, anti-graffiti and weatherproof.

Our promise for planners looking to add outdoor porcelain tiles into a variety of areas is that we:

  • Achieve impactful results whatever the budget
  • Increase footfall to town
  • Bring artwork and stories to life
  • Transform community spaces
  • Provide an innovative approach

Regeneration pack

Why choose tiles  

Ceramic tiles are typically used in tunnels, underpasses and similar environments because of their durability, easy maintenance, and safety.  

Because of how they are manufactured, tiles can withstand a lot of natural wear – this is particularly helpful where pedestrian numbers are constant. They can be kept in place for a long time, with no weathered cracks or chips.  

This longevity means that it is important for the tiles to be cleanable. Having anti-graffiti and scratch-proof properties means that it is a simple job to keep on top of the tile maintenance. Theoretically, the installation can be cleaned down using water and an industrial cleaning product.  

As well as industry-leading tiling solutions, Digital Ceramics Custom Tiles also offers industry-leading customer service.  

Helping to commission designers and tilers, we are always looking to offer the best project management. This means that tile projects, once complete, are mapped out using a reference grid and numbering pattern to make the installation process as easy as possible for partners.  

Talk to us today and find out how we can transform a project of any scale into an exciting visual experience.  

Read about our Newcastle-Under-Lyme regeneration project here.

Read about our Cannock regeneration project here.

Read about our Dewsbury regeneration project here.

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