Transforming Newcastle-under-Lyme’s underpasses

Digital Ceramics Custom Tiles has recently completed a project with Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council to transform the subway system of the town.  

The completed project saw eight underpasses spruced up with brighter designs by local artists and students.  

Looking for expert assistance in the underpass regeneration, the borough council commissioned Digital Ceramics Custom Tiles with the aim of making people feel safer in these areas. This was achieved by pairing the upbeat designs with new CCTV and lighting systems. 

Digital Ceramics Custom Tiles used 400 square meters of tiles, totalling over 10,000. They received positive feedback from town goers after the redesign and installation.  

Benefits of using Digital Ceramics Custom Tiles   

Digital Ceramics Custom Tiles partnered with two local artists and a handful of school pupils to create the designs. 

Each underpass features its own bespoke design. The inspiration for these leans on a variety of topics from looking at Newcastle-under-Lyme’s history to celebrating modern circuses.  

The national Britain in Bloom competition was also used as inspiration for the designs. To complement it, some designs feature colourful, flora-focused patterns.  

Reflecting on the project, Mark Wood, Director here at Digital Ceramics Custom Tiles, said: “It’s fantastic to see this Newcastle-under-Lyme town centre project come to life. The underpass system deserved a facelift, and we were thrilled to be a part of it. The goal of it all is to create a more scenic environment for shoppers. We hope that celebrating our amazing local artists is helping to do that.”  

“We’ve worked on similar projects in the past, in Cannock, Dewsbury and some others, so we’re highly experienced in these schemes. We’ve seen consistent benefits like increased footfall.”  

Working with town centre planning experts on projects like this is a good way to create a favourable public area for town-goers. We know, based on previous underpass projects, that adding custom tiles and designs to a town centre:  

  • Generates conversation in the local area. 
  • Improves the experience of shoppers. 
  • Keeps areas clean. 
  • Increases safety, when paired with lighting and CCTV.  

Revamping underpasses, which can typically be dark and, frankly, boring visually, can benefit a town’s economy. It’s key to generating talking points when considering levelling up in towns.  

Read more about our town-centre-based projects including Dewsbury and Cannock. 

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