Creating murals with custom tiles 

Why choose DCCT to print your tile mural projects? 

We spend time understanding each project and providing the highest quality ceramic tile murals for outdoor spaces. 

Our years of working on outdoor wall murals put us in the driver’s seat to provide custom traditional, contemporary, brutalist or art-deco murals. 

The tiles we print on stand the test of time against weather exposure and subsequent erosion. We use top-quality ceramics to make our wall tile murals, making them extremely strong, resistant, and able to withstand wear and tear. All our tiles are kiln-fired between 800c to 1250c for a tile design which stays perfect for longer. 

Decorated tiles

Patented technology 

Using our pioneering patented technology, we create custom tiles for use in both small-scale and large-scale projects. We developed this technology with artwork in mind, so the prints never waiver in quality. The cutting-edge printer brings colour to life in all types of tiles, especially for murals. 

The DCCT internal team of experts work closely with you every step of the way to transform your designs into stunning ceramic colours, producing the highest quality image and ultimately creating an exciting visual experience. 

The demands of outdoor tiles are unique compared to indoor tiling. The products used in large outdoor tile murals need to be resistant against many types of wear and tear.  

Outdoor tiles used in floor murals should have a textured surface or a slip-resistant coating to prevent accidents, especially in wet conditions. This is less important on wall murals but can still be applied.  

DCCT’s printed tiles for murals are always able to withstand freezing temperatures without cracking or breaking. The waterproof mural tiles created are all able to repel water and resist moisture absorption. This helps prevent damage from water penetration. 

Take your brand or project to the next level with our bespoke tiled murals. Whether your mission is to create a small design or a large-scale project, with our pioneering patented technology we can turn your vision into a reality. 

We will form a strong partnership with you to understand your desired outcome and produce an exciting visual experience.