DCCT replicates existing Victorian tile design for Dublin couple

Rachel Pentony and Andy O’Dea recently installed beautiful Victorian-style tiles, which were designed by Digital Ceramics Custom Tiles (DCCT), as part of their basement renovation.

The striking mural tile design is displayed in their home, which is located within the coastal suburb of Dun Laoghaire in Dublin.

The young family of five have lived in their Victorian property for the last seven years and in 2020 they decided to renovate the basement of the house into an open-plan living space. Rachel took inspiration for the bespoke tile design from the original Victorian tiles that lead up to the front of the house. She remarked: “Every time I walk up the path, I admire our beautiful tiles which I believe are the originals from when the house was built in the late 1840s.

“We really appreciate how old the outdoor floor tiles are, and we both wanted to replicate them in our renovation. A priority for us was to give a nod to the surrounding Victorian architecture whilst creating a modern open plan space to unwind.” The stunning ceramic tiles are featured in the WC of the lower ground floor renovation, where they surround an enclosed shower.

Initially, the couple thought it would be very easy to source ceramic tiles that were identical to the external pattern. However, locating a company in Ireland that would facilitate their ideas proved to be a challenge. Rachel said: “When we discovered Digital Ceramics Custom Tiles, Mark the Director leapt straight into the project and was instantly invested.”

She added: “Even though DCCT were located in the UK, we were made to feel at ease and reassured by the team that the tiles would arrive in pristine condition, and they did.”

The project began over a Zoom call, as Digital Ceramics Custom Tiles were limited by the pandemic and couldn’t travel to discuss Rachel and Andy’s thoughts. Because the old tiles leading up to the house were too faded to digitally scan, it meant that the project wouldn’t be as straightforward as DCCT originally thought.

Determined to find a solution, Digital Ceramics Custom Tiles’ in-house design team accurately replicated the design by hand. As the original outdoor tiles were the vision for the job, it was imperative that the finished bespoke tile matched the unique pattern and authentic Victorian colours.

Rachel, Andy, and the Digital Ceramics Custom Tiles team worked collaboratively to get the colours spot-on. Several mock-ups of the printed kiln-fired ceramics were sent off to Dublin for the couple to approve, until the final tile design matched the beautiful motif perfectly.

The Dublin-based couple, Rachel and Andy, commented on their completed project: “From start to finish it was a pleasure to deal with Mark and the team. They went above and beyond to recreate our original Victorian tile pattern and deliver a perfect bespoke product which surpassed our expectations. We really believed that they were as interested and committed to the end-product as we were.”

Rachel added: “Digital Ceramics Custom Tiles provided excellent communication, fair pricing and top-class service throughout. We would highly recommend the company to anyone thinking of transforming their space, no matter the size. We really felt as if the team were rooting for us from the very start.”

Digital Ceramics Custom Tiles liaised with Gilmour Architects, who were employed by Rachel and Andy. They orchestrated the tile design so that the finished result was able to be installed by their tiler seamlessly.

Rachel noted: “The attention to detail that Mark and his team gave to the project meant that the finished tiles are perfect. Our tiler had absolutely no problem installing the design and it all matched up flawlessly. The service we received was truly second to none, we actually felt like their only client.”

Mark Wood, Director of Digital Ceramics Custom Tiles said: “The tiles that we created for Rachel and Andy look stunning and are really effective in their renovation. We are all very passionate about delivering our customer’s dreams and visions.”

“The striking design of Victorian-style ceramic tiles connects the top of the house to the bottom; and the whole project was extremely enjoyable to work on. We understood the priorities that Rachel and Andy had regarding their project, therefore we were there for them every step of the way, making their dream become a reality.”

The family of five adore their creative tiled art piece, and Rachel is already thinking of areas around her home that can be transformed using bespoke ceramic tiles. The next project on their radar includes the outdoor space that can be viewed from their basement; and Digital Ceramics Custom Tiles hope to work with them again soon on their visualisation.

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Photographs by: Gilmour Architects, Banbridge, Co. Down


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