Delivering the ambiance of Milan to Canary Wharf

Delivering the ambiance of Milan to Canary Wharf

Digital Ceramics Custom Tiles has helped to bring the laid-back cobbled streets of Italy to the ‘hustle and bustle’ of Canary Wharf, with a second project now underway.

Café Brera is an Italian café and bakery that brings a taste of contemporary Epicurean culture to London. When renovating its new establishment on Canary Wharf, Brera approached DCCT for our custom printing service. Our team’s expertise meant that we were able to provide a professional solution to the brief, within budget and on time.

The plans for the café and bar featured Carrera marble counters and designer furniture. Brera needed the team at DCCT to translate the charismatic Italian culture into interior tile designs, which would bring the ambience of classic Italian cafés to their establishment.

When working on the colour palette for the space, the café’s designers took inspiration from the most iconic places across Italy. This included the cultured Turin, charming Naples and picturesque Milan, resulting in earthy oranges, deep blues and matte-gold detailing.

Mark Wood, Director of Digital Ceramic Systems Ltd said: “I admired the designers method, taking elements of the restaurant’s brand to inspire the décor and link the interior design together to create a cohesive atmosphere.”

Once the colour scheme and pattern were determined, DCCT evaluated which application would best showcase the elaborate motif in terms of finish, budget and longevity. We supplied square tiles for a total surface area of 136sqm which comprised the ground floor, bar wall, basement floor, lobby and toilets as well as the staircase.

Each repeating wall tile design was produced on a 20x20cm porcelain tile, which was then kiln-fired at over 800c to encapsulate the intricate design, melting the image into the glaze surface for a permanent solution.

To reduce installation costs, the floor tiles were increased to 40x40cm and glazed with a special anti-slip coating to meet stringent health and safety standards and wear rating.

Mark said: “We very much enjoyed working with Brera on this project and we’re looking forward to visiting their establishment soon.

“In fact, the project was such a success, we’ve been commissioned to supply custom floor and wall tiles for a second café which is due to open in 2022.”

Our skilled team work on a wide range of projects across many industries, including hospitality, commercial offices, community projects, retail spaces as well as in private residences, health clubs and spas.

We pride ourselves on the relationships we have developed with inspiring artists and businesses over the years. Working in partnership with them, we can produce visually stunning images that will remain vibrant and stand the test of time.

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Talk to us today and find out how we can transform a project of any scale into an exciting visual experience.

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