Decorative outdoor tiles by DCCT


Outdoor tiles guarantee a stylish, modern and convenient way of decorating your outside spaces. With a rise in popularity for outside dining and drinking, DCCT is here to provide a range of long-lasting, anti-slip printed bespoke for your project.  

Each of the tiles we create incorporates a range of colours, sizes, patterns, textures and finishes to match your project. 


Benefits of using custom designs in your custom-printed outdoor tiles  

DCCT’s range of outdoor patterned tiles goes through a rigorous manufacturing process with a wide variety of checks and tests. This helps us to ensure that each of our outdoor porcelain and ceramic tiles is of the highest quality.  

When used in commercial settings like al-fresco dining spaces or beer gardens, having tiles printed by DCCT means you won’t have to shut the doors to decorate your outdoor space. Whether you’re looking for al-fresco-friendly floor tiles or wall tiles for your gin terrace, DCCT has a tile waiting to be printed.

Slip-resistant tiles   

We source specialist external grade anti-slip 20mm porcelain tiles. These tiles use a combination of grooved patterns and rough, matte finishes. These combine to increase the effectiveness through maximised friction and grip on your non-slip outdoor tiles.  

DCCT makes tiles with varying levels of anti-slip ability. The team discusses the project’s needs at the beginning to ensure adherence to the scope throughout.  

Custom design  

All the tiles we design here at Digital Ceramic Custom Tiles are finished using our purpose-built printer. Our industry-leading technology partners help us to guarantee a long-lasting and striking visual appearance.  

The final product intensifies the colours used and makes the most of highly precise design-to-reality printing.  

Easy maintenance  

The tiles we use give you the peace of mind that they’ll remain striking all year round. A combination of the printing technology used, and the non-porous nature of the porcelain outdoor tiles means that minimal maintenance is required all year round.  

The tiles are durable in all weather conditions and easy to clean, making them low maintenance for outdoor areas.