London’s Maternity Centre

London’s maternity centre is given a vibrant update by Adam Nathaniel Furman

Adam Nathaniel Furman is known for his bright, playful designs which use colour and texture to great impact. Whether he is designing a bubblegum-pink interior for a Japanese apartment or taking inspiration from pop culture to create characterful and unique pieces, Adam’s trademark style shines through, brightening interiors and adding an uplifting element to spaces.

The Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London recently received a donation from the Reuben Foundation which has been used to enhance its reception and entrances with artwork by London-based designer Adam Nathaniel Furman.

Furman’s design has the potential to transform the hospital environment and the hospital’s arts director, Trystan Hawkins, hopes it will positively impact the ‘psychological, physical and the clinical outcome’ within the hospital.

The chosen colour pattern is uplifting, airy and helps to subtly direct visitors around the hospital. The printed, hand-decorated wall tiles are made from durable and easy to clean ceramic and the piece itself is called ‘Radiance’, a name which perfectly captures the vibrant look and feel of the installation.

In-keeping with Stoke-on-Trent’s celebrated ceramic manufacturing history, the tiles used in Radiance were printed by Digital Ceramics Custom Tiles in Stoke-on-Trent. The tiles were chromatically printed with Furman’s design before being cut using a water-jet cutting machine which added a mosaic effect to the overall piece.

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